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Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I be your distributor?

Thank you for your interest however, we have already appointed distributors in Malaysia.

How about in overseas where there do not have a Unicharm office? Can I apply to be a distributor?

Opening an office in a new country will be directions from the Headquarters in Japan. We will not be able to advise on this request.

I use so many pieces of MamyPoko diapers! Can I buy them in bulk directly from you?

Thank you so much for your support! However we do not do bulk sales and we do not sell directly to consumers. Our products are available in almost all retail outlets within Malaysia.

What if I buy in bulk from you to export to other countries that does not have MamyPoko?

We apologise once again but we sell our products only to retail outlets within Malaysia.

I saw a different type of MamyPoko product while travelling overseas. Can I import them from you?

Different countries have products catered to the different local needs and unfortunately, we are not able to import them.

I see points on the MamyPoko package. What is it for? Do I need to keep them?

You have a sharp eye for details! Those packages with points on them were our older regional packs which was used across Southeast Asia. For Malaysia, we did not use them and there is no need for you to keep them. The points have already been removed from all our newer packaging. We apologise for the confusion.

I am about to open an baby shop/kedai runcit/mini-market. How can I purchase products from you?

Please use the form below and we will get our Sales Executive to contact you within 5 working days.

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