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Bond-Bond Beach Cleaning

On November 26, 2023 (Sunday), the team comprising of total 74 participants included 47 employees from Unicharm Malaysia Group and 27 employees’ families and friends, with the HR Team as the organizer held a family-friendly ESG activity, named as Bond-Bond Beach Cleaning Program at Kelanang Beach. The event was partnership together with the local municipal council, Majlis Perbandaran Kuala Langat and chief community of Kelanang village.  

Bond-Bond Beach Cleaning Program is our global movement that unites our employees and their families & friends from all walks of life to remove trash and debris eg plastic bag, bottles, glass, fishing net, cigarette butt, microplastic etc from beaches and waterways, promoting a healthier marine environment. This day of action highlights the urgent need to address ocean pollution and underscores the significance of protecting our beach and waterways ecosystems. All trash and debris were cleared, and rubbish was gathered and collected by a truck for disposal. Lastly all the participants are thrilling to play and enjoy for a mini sports activity ie Tug-of-War game and Balloon Waddle Races as a memorable and meaningful bonding moments for our employees and their beloved family members and friends. 

Encik Mohd Helmy, Safety & Health Supervisor from Unicharm Group Malaysia who participated in the activity commented “My family and I were having fun with Bond-Bond Beach Cleaning Program, we enjoy spending time together as a family to join the company in doing community service that can protect the environment, and also playing beach games that can engage and blend each of us together as a team.” Unicharm Group Malaysia look forward to many other such meaningful events involving more employees in the future. We deliver Care to everyone as per our slogan “We Always Care For You”. 

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