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Merry CSR Christmas 2023

Merry CSR Christmas is an annual CSR event initiated by Unicharm Group Malaysia (UCM) that aimed to spread the joy and goodwill for needy children and make a meaningful difference in their lives. This year, it marks the third consecutive year for Unicharm Group Malaysia members in joining the tradition of giving and caring for community through “Merry CSR Christmas 2023”.


How it works?


Human Resource Department of Unicharm Group Malaysia as an organizing team selected two (2) charity homes, namely Rumah Hope (founded in year 1994) and Rumah K.I.D.S (founded in year 1991) that reaches out to needy children who were originated from under-privileged, abused, or neglected family background.  Thereafter, Human Resource Department personnel will collect a wish-list of Christmas gift that desired by each child from both homes and randomly distributed to all UCM members who are interested of sending loves to the needy children via sponsoring Christmas gift. The Management team sponsoring some basic living needs i.e. bedsheet, kettle etc to the charity home.

On 20 December 2023, Human Resource Department and employee volunteers were representing UCM members and the management team to visit both Rumah Hope and Rumah K.I.D.S. They were sending the Christmas gifts and basic living needs to a total of 58 children in Rumah Hope and 38 children in Rumah K.I.D.S. During the distribution of Christmas gift session, each of the child were being called their names and they were so happy and joyful when come forward to receive their wish gift. A lunch and tea break refreshment were also arranged to the children. 

Merry CSR Christmas 2023 make this festive season a truly special for the children and Unicharm Group Malaysia members. It is not only bring smiles to many faces but also reflects our shared commitment to make a positive impact in the community. Together, we spread happiness and warmth to those who need it most.

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