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MamyPoko Gentle Baby Wipes


MamyPoko Gentle Baby Wipes

Cottony Soft Fragrance

Cottony Soft Non-Fragrance

Anti Bacterial Fragrance

Anti Bacterial Non-Fragrance

Ideal for Baby’s Soft & Sensitive Skin

Made with 99% Pure Water, MamyPoko Gentle Baby Wipes is safe to be use to gently cleans your baby’s delicate skin with its Soft Cotton material. It is made to effectively remove dirt and germs, keeping your baby fresh and clean anytime, anywhere.

Available in 2 different types:

  1. Cottony Soft (Frangrance and Non-Fragrance)
  2. Anti-Bacterial (Fragrance and Non-Fragrance)
Types Fragrance Pack Size (pieces)
Cottony Soft Fragrance 80pcs
Non-Fragrance 80s
Anti Bacterial Fragrance 76s
Non-Fragrance 76s

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