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MamyPoko Pants Standard


MamyPoko Pants Standard

Size SSize S

Size MSize M

Size LSize L

Size XLSize XL

Size XXLSize XXL

With MamyPoko Standard Pants, your Sayang can enjoy Dry Healthy Skin with the Serap Serata Technology.

Serap Serata Technology
Allows urine to spend evenly into the pad for quick and effective absorption, keeping baby's bottom dry!

Air Flow Comfort
Prevents stuffiness for comfort all day long.

Easy to Remove
Softer & easier to tear, prevents leaving stains on the legs.

Fits well & Prevent Leakage
Minimize gaps & prevents sagging even when baby is active.

Easy to wear
Stretchable waist & leg gathers for easy wearing, while standing or even lying down.

Size Weight(KG) Pack Size (pieces)
Mini Regular Jumbo Super Jumbo
S 4-8 - 20 50+8 -
M 7-12 4 14 40+6 60+6
L 9-14 4 12 36 48+4
XL 12-17 3 10 30 40+4
XXL 15-25 - 8 22 32+4

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