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MamyPoko Pants Standard


MamyPoko Pants Standard

Size SSize S

Size MSize M

Size LSize L

Size XLSize XL

Size XXLSize XXL

Pants diapers cost more? Not with MamyPoko Pants Standard They’re affordable enough for everyday use and let you enjoy extra protection against leakage with the Double Leak Guard.

Superior Absorbency
Enables longer usage up to 10 hours*
*The No. of hours will vary according to individual baby’s urine amount

Triple Fit
Keeps pants from sagging and prevents leakage between the legs.

Breathable Waist
Keeps baby’s skin cool. All-round stretch for a soft and comfortable fit in every movement.

Size Weight(KG) Pack Size (pieces)
Mini Regular Jumbo Super Jumbo
S 4-8 4 20 50+8 -
M 7-12 4 14 40+6 60+6
L 9-14 4 12 36 48+4
XL 12-17 4 10 30 40+4
XXL 15-25 - 8 22 32+4

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