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MamyPoko Air Fit

Soft and Gentle to your Newborn’s delicate skin

Made in Japan MamyPoko Air Fit is our Softest to Skin Diaper which is best for your Newborn’s delicate skin. It is also the world’s first 3D curve-fit diaper that fits gently and snugly around baby’s bum to prevent leak. With its breathable covers with up to 12 hours of absorbency (depending on the amount of urine of each baby), your baby can stay dry and comfortable and moms will have no worries on Nappy Rashes!

  1. Air Silky Softness – Inner material is knitted with micro-fibre that is luxuriously soft as silk for your delicate baby’s comfort
  2. 3D-Fit Absorb Pad – Curve Fit according to Baby’s bum to ensure fit and prevent leakages (Patented Technology)
  3. Breathable Dry Covers – Superior air flow for dry comfort
  4. Soft Stretchable Gathers – Made from soft stretchable non-woven fabric that gives 50% less pressure around Baby’s tummy
  5. Absorbs up to 12 hours – For long lasting comfort
  6. Wetness Indicator – Easy to know when to change diaper (Line will turn colour from yellow to green)
Size Weight(KG) Pack Size (pieces)
NewBorn NewBorn-5 90
S 4-8 84
M 6-11 64
L 9-14 54
XL 12-17 44

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