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MamyPoko Extra Dry


MamyPoko Tape Extra Dry

Baby needs to sleep well to grow healthy and happy. Your baby can do so now with MamyPoko! New Speed Wave sheets absorb urine quicker than ever and keeps baby’s bottom completely dry, while the Wetness Sign helps remind moms when they need to change diapers.

Wetness Sign (Only for NB & S)
Helps remind moms when they need to change diapers. The yellow lines turn green as soon as the diaper is full.

Superior Absorbency
Enables longer usage and leakage protection.
Newborn Size = 25ml
S Size = 30ml

Cotton-like Breathable
Cover Releases heat and moisture to reduce rashes.

Contoured Comfort
Waistline Protects baby's unhealed navel

Soft Re-attachable
TapeCan be used repeatedly. Selected soft materials help reduce irritation.

Size Weight(KG) Pack Size (pieces)
Mini Regular Jumbo Super Jumbo
NewBorn NewBorn-5 4 24 48 80
S 3-8 4 22 44 68
M 6-11 4 20 38 60
L 9-14 3 17 32 50
XL 12-17 3 15 28 44
XXL 15-25 2 12 22 34

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